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This Powers # 5 projector was the major competitor of Pathe in 1908. It was hand cranked (one turn a second) and used 1,000 foot film reels (about 16 minutes). The large lens at the right is for 'coming attraction' glass slides (some call this a Stereopticon lens). While changing film (about a minute), the projectionist would show various glass slides. I asked a retired old timer if the audience complained about the many breaks during a show. No. That was the way it was.

Why do silent movies often appear jinky and sped up (ala Keystone Cops)? Because the early ones were filmed at 16 frames per second. By the mid 1920's, silents ran at 22 FPS. When talkies were introduced the speed increased to 24 FPS. So with a projector made after 1928, the Keystone Cops are running 50% overspeed!


This projector was made just before 'New York' fire safety regulations came in. Open reels were banned.

The carbon arc lamphouse mounts on the rails. The sideways rails are so the lamphouse can be slid left to send light through the glass slide lens. Then back to center to send light through the movie projector.

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