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The "Little Rascals" we think of today are the second generation of "Our Gang". Spanky, Alfalfa, et al. starred in 1930's talkies. These are the ones we saw over and over again growing up in the 1950's B&W TV days. The first generation was more revered in its day and was a whole different set of characters.

Pathe had a deal with the Hal Roach Studios. Many Roach comedies were released in truncated form in the Pathex 9.5mm format. "Our Gang" aka "Hal Roach's Little Rascals" were one of the most popular. One of the later Pathex films C-115 "Baby Brother" consisted of two 60 foot reels (about 11 minutes). It is a shortened version of a 1927 Pathecomedy. The first generation "Our Gang" cast members are shown below.

Roach began his series of "Our Gang" comedies in 1923 and they became one of the longest running and most successful series in cinema history. Pictured on this one-sheet poster is Joe Cobb -- Joe and Allen Hoskins -- Farina wondering what to do with Farina's younger brother (sister?) Jannie Hoskins

Other cast members:  Oliver Hardy -- nursemaid's boy friend, Harry Earles -- Gus -- one of Barr's midgets from "The Unholy Three", Jean Darling, Bobby Hutchins -- Wheezer, Donnie Smith -- Horatio, Clifton Young -- Bonedust, Jackie Condon,  Anita Garvin -- amorous nursemaid, Ben Hall -- man with glasses, Mildred Kornman, Scooter Lowry, Jay R. Smith, R. Cecil Smith, Richard Smith, S.D. Wilcox Officer, Lyle Barton -- party guest, Symona Boniface -- party guest, Ed Brandenberg -- office.