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USA Pathex Film List


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Pathex home movies were cut down versions of theatrical releases. In the silent movie days, the reel size was generally 1,000 feet (about 15 minutes if cranked properly). So a two-reeler would be 30 minutes long, etc.

"By the Sad Sea Waves" was a Harold Lloyd one-reel short released on September 30, 1917 by the Hal Roach Studio (Lloyd was still in his "Lonesome Luke" mode). Years later Roach made a deal with Pathex, and many of his shorts were released in the 9.5 mm format. Especially the original Our Gang movies.

In the "Comedies C" links above and below you will find two Pathex versions of "By the Sad Sea Waves". The original 35 mm theatrical release was a one reeler (15 minutes). In 1926, Pathex released this film on two 60 foot bobbins as C-28 with a running time of 6.6 minutes. But viewers got the salient shots, storyline and happily skipped the repetition of the same gag.

In late 1929, as Pathex was being blown out by Kodak, they released Sad Sea Waves as C-123 on one bobbin with a running time of just 3.3 minutes. Viewers just saw the key shots and a short storyline.

Note how movie starlets' bodies and
outfits have changed since 1917.

The links at the top and to the right will take you to the film listings. Please send us info to fill in the holes in the tables. The table on the right shows the prefix category of Pathex films. The number in the "Films" column includes all possible numbers in the numerical lists. Yet, we cannot find titles for over half of the possible films in the "O Super Reels" category. These Pathex 300 foot films must have been produced in very low quantities. And, if the missing numbers were used, they were not cataloged!

The table below shows the number of titles in the catalogs we have. Does anyone have a Pathex catalog from the 1930's? 

Year Films
1926 326
1927 348
1928 362
1929a 349
1929b 336


    Prefix Films
  Animals A 37
  Business B 43
  Comedy C 123
  Drama D 29
  Exercise E 52
  Fables F 25
  Art G 9
  Cartoons H 3
  Dance K 2
  Current Events L 3
  Miscellaneous M 34
  Super Reels O 62
  Pathe Review R 10
  Science S 13
  Travel T 69
  Pathex Info X 5




The first column in the various Pathex film listings shows those in my collection. Many years ago decided it would be fun to try to duplicate the USA catalogs before I drop dead. I have about 74% of the possible film numbers and 81% of the known titles, but am also at about 74% of my life expectancy. If you have any I'm missing, I would be glad to buy or trade for them. I have over 200 duplicate films. A strange guy, but aren't we all?
Click Jerry Wagner